Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paper Rater - Free online Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, & Proof Reader!

Paper Rater is a very nice resource that allows teachers OR students to check their papers for spelling errors, grammar errors, writing suggestions, and even plagiarism.  We all know you can easily check spelling and grammar in nearly any word processing software.  However, Paper Rater also checks the content in your paper against an Internet Search to see if the content was copied from the Web.  Some of the best features of Paper Rater are that the site is TOTALLY FREE.  They even have a pricing link on the page that, when clicked, further reiiterates the site is completely free.  Also, you do not have to sign up to use Paper Rater.  You simply click "USE Now FREE" and you are ready to go. 

This is a great tool for teachers, but even better for students.  Many times, my students who have been accused of plagiarism make mistakes.  They copy and paste a small portion, intending to re-write in their own words, then site the source, only to forget one of these steps.

Next time you are checking Research Papers and one paper seems WAAAAAAAAAAY better than it should be  or if you want to be honest with your kids and show them Paper Rater as a tool before they turn in their work, check out Paper Rater.


liz ferndanis said...

Plagiarizing is the procedure of using someone else content.Plagiarism checker tool is one of the best tool to find out the originality of the content.

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Abigail Gayle said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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Shopnerkotha said...

Great post.I enjoy it.Thanks.
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aliya seen said...

The plagiarism detector for teachers is the autobiographical essay, which many universities and colleges require you to submit for the admission process.

Enndery Ashwin said...

Writing takes up quite little bit of time. If you've got to transport several emails, reports, or alternative correspondences, you wish them to be correct and well written, however you do not need to pay your whole day going over everything, craving for corrections. click here

Alisa Stevenson said...

Spelling errors may occur once the words square measure properly spelled however incorrect within the context. for instance, if you say, "Please web site associate example," an everyday spell checker wouldn't notice this error since "site" could be a real word. However, a discourse spell checker can certainly remember of this error. visit the site

Emma Glour said...

Nice Blog.

Emma Glour said...

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