Monday, March 21, 2011

Comic Master - Easy Comic Book Creations in the Classroom!

Comic Master is an interactive Web 2.0 tool that allows students to easily create their own comic books/graphic novels.  In my class, we are creating comic books about Cyberbullying Prevention.  My students have to create a comic that has a problem/solution dealing with Cyberbullying.  They have to define cyberbullying, list 2 ways to stop it, and 2 ways to prevent it.  We used Comic Master to allow my students to achieve these tasks. 

Comic Master does make you sign up to save a comic, however, students do not have to activate their account so they will not have to check their email at school.  The tool is offered by the Reading for Life Organization and they even offer more classroom materials to help focus your comic books here:

A few downsides is that students DO have to create an account to sign up.  The email they sign up with is also their username for logging in.  Students could create a fake email or you could have your class all use the same email address and their own specific password.  The site is limited to only 4 characters and 6 backgrounds, but this keeps students from having TOO many choices.

I love the site as a very engaging creative writing resource.  I had a student ask me today "Can we talk while we are working on this?"  I always allow my students to talk while working, but the class was so quiet the student was second guessing.  The site is very engaging and my 6th Grade Students love it!


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