Friday, March 4, 2011

Extreme Planet Makeover - Interactive Planet Creator!

Extreme Planet Makeover is an awesome interactive website provided by NASA.  The site allows you to create and edit your own custom planet.  This site is awesome because so many different aspects of how you create your planet will effect the makeup of the planet. 

  • Did you place your planet to close to a star?  The hot tempatures will burn up any liquids on your planet.  
  • Did you make your planet very large?  Expect it to have a very thick atmosphere like the larger planets in our Solar System. 
  • Did you make your planet to "old" or too "young"?  The exact age of your planet will determine the small window and opportunity for life to exist on your planet. 
 This site is a great extension to your Space & Solar System curriculum and a great way for students to investigate the relationships between planets, the stars, and more!

Check out Extreme Planet Makeover Today!


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