Friday, November 11, 2011

Sense-Lang - Free & Customizable Touch Typing Lessons and Classroom Environment

Sense-Lang is a site I just started using this year.  Sense-Lang has great resources to allow students to learn Touch Typing Basics and strengthen both their speed and accuracy.  I used last year, and liked the way it worked but I had to enter each of my students one by one (with the free version) cause it had no import feature.  Last year we were not on a block schedule so I was able to do that.  This year with a block schedule and 300 plus students, I really didn't have the time to enter everyone one by one.  Sense-Lang allows you to create classes, then students can login to your class with a class specific code, create their own account, and start typing right away.
Sense-Lang will let you create your own Custom Lessons

One of the features that is really nice in Sense-Lang is the option to customize your own lessons.  I created all 15 typing lessons for my students, each introducing 2 new letters or characters. would not let me do that.  I can also create custom typing games, lessons,  and tests using any words, letters, or phrases that I want.  I can even export my class progress and results to my email and open it in Excel.  Now you can easily create a graph in excel to show student progress.
Sense-Lang may have some ads on the home page, but once the students open the typing window for practice or quizzes, there are absolutely NO ADS!  I have found Sense-Lang to be one of the most full featured, FREE, online browser based typing websites you will find.  I am enjoying it and I love that my students can work on lessons in class with me, then practice at home in their spare time.

Check out Sense-Lang at:

They even have a very easy to follow tutorial for the Sense-Lang Teaching Module to help you set up your class and get started.  Check it out:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reflections: Masters Course Technology Integration Class

This week I am completing my Technology Integration class as part of my Masters of Education Program.  During this class, I learned more about the importance of creating and participating in an effective PLN and resources to help strengthen my PLN.  I was also able to create an Internet Safety & Awareness WebQuest. It was excited to create another WebQuest for the first time in years.  I felt like I was learning it all over again "for the very first time."

I feel that my teaching strategies will change more in the area of applying myself as a leader of change in technology integration.  I will continue to strengthen my PLN and share it with my teaching colleagues.  I will continue to share my resources and strategies with my colleagues via this blog and social bookmarking sites.  I will be a leader of technology integration in my school by leading by example instead of forcing my strategies and resources on my colleagues.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Thin Line - MTV's Site for Internet Safety & Digital Rights Online

A Thin Line is a very nice site created by MTV to promote digital rights and share Internet Safety Resources, tools, videos,  and strategies.  This site is more appropriate for 8th Grade through High School Students since some of the topics may be inappropriate for younger students. 

A Thin Line covers various Internet Safety Topics including:
  • Sexting
  • Constant Messaging
  • Spying
  • Digital Disrespect
  • Online Cruelty
You will find many different videos and even places for students to post and share their experiences with these topics online and even "SOUND OFF" or "DRAW THE LINE"  against those who are bothering them online. 
The site even includes an Interactive online map for students around the country to "DRAW A LINE" and share what they are doing to stamp out Sexting, Digital Disrespect in their home towns!

Check out A Thin Line at:

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