Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Thin Line - MTV's Site for Internet Safety & Digital Rights Online

A Thin Line is a very nice site created by MTV to promote digital rights and share Internet Safety Resources, tools, videos,  and strategies.  This site is more appropriate for 8th Grade through High School Students since some of the topics may be inappropriate for younger students. 

A Thin Line covers various Internet Safety Topics including:
  • Sexting
  • Constant Messaging
  • Spying
  • Digital Disrespect
  • Online Cruelty
You will find many different videos and even places for students to post and share their experiences with these topics online and even "SOUND OFF" or "DRAW THE LINE"  against those who are bothering them online. 
The site even includes an Interactive online map for students around the country to "DRAW A LINE" and share what they are doing to stamp out Sexting, Digital Disrespect in their home towns!

Check out A Thin Line at:  http://www.athinline.org/


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