Friday, November 11, 2011

Sense-Lang - Free & Customizable Touch Typing Lessons and Classroom Environment

Sense-Lang is a site I just started using this year.  Sense-Lang has great resources to allow students to learn Touch Typing Basics and strengthen both their speed and accuracy.  I used last year, and liked the way it worked but I had to enter each of my students one by one (with the free version) cause it had no import feature.  Last year we were not on a block schedule so I was able to do that.  This year with a block schedule and 300 plus students, I really didn't have the time to enter everyone one by one.  Sense-Lang allows you to create classes, then students can login to your class with a class specific code, create their own account, and start typing right away.
Sense-Lang will let you create your own Custom Lessons

One of the features that is really nice in Sense-Lang is the option to customize your own lessons.  I created all 15 typing lessons for my students, each introducing 2 new letters or characters. would not let me do that.  I can also create custom typing games, lessons,  and tests using any words, letters, or phrases that I want.  I can even export my class progress and results to my email and open it in Excel.  Now you can easily create a graph in excel to show student progress.
Sense-Lang may have some ads on the home page, but once the students open the typing window for practice or quizzes, there are absolutely NO ADS!  I have found Sense-Lang to be one of the most full featured, FREE, online browser based typing websites you will find.  I am enjoying it and I love that my students can work on lessons in class with me, then practice at home in their spare time.

Check out Sense-Lang at:

They even have a very easy to follow tutorial for the Sense-Lang Teaching Module to help you set up your class and get started.  Check it out:


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