Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who2 - A search engine for "biographies of famous people, characters and creatures."

Who2 is an awesome little search engine that allows you to search for "biographies of famous people, characters and creatures."   I mentioned Who2 in a previous post about Biography Search Resources but wanted to give Who2 more attention.  It is a great, FREE, resource to help students quickly find information about a person they may be researching.
Who2 has information laid out where its easy to find

Who2 doesn't go into great detail about a person's entire life, but discusses the bigger moments that made them who they are today.  This would be a great website to use in tandem with other sites (such as Biography.com and/or an online Encyclopedia) while researching a specific person. You will find some ads, but they are not overly intrusive to your research.

Be sure to introduce Who2 to your students as an easy way to find quick information while they are researching biographies.

You can access Who2 at:

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