Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Biography Search Resources - Where to find the best information about people!

In my 6th Grade Computer Class, we are starting our Historical Figure Presentations.  These are presentations about the Historical Figures in our Social Studies Text Book.

When you are researching information about famous or historical figures, it can be hard for some students to find factual and easy to read information.

Below are the sites I have shared with my students to help them in their searches for Historical Figures.
 Very easy to read biographies covering everyone from celebrities to important historical figures.
Very in depth biographies and information about Historical Figures.
 A Multimedia Search Engine that returns Multimedia Presentations for your search query.  You can find audio, video, links and images all in one search.  Great for ESL Students, Special Need Students, and Visual Learners.
 Sweet Search is billed "The Search Engine For Students"  Every search result comes from websites that have been approved by teachers.  This specific link will take you to Sweet Search's Biography Search.
 Features "3,654 Biographies of famous people, characters and creatures.
 The Online version of Encyclopedia Britannica.  You can also sign up for a Free Trail of the Paid Kid's Version of Encyclopedia Britannica.
 The BBC's specific search for Historical Figures.  I found some very interesting information using this site.


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