Thursday, February 3, 2011

Qwiki - Multimedia Web Searches

Qwiki is a site I have beta tested for several months and has just recently advanced to Alpha Release for all to use.  Although I was not overly impressed in my initial searches, the site is very engaging and improving everyday.  Qwiki is a multimedia search engine that creates small presentations from pictures, text, links and more based on your search.  It even uses text recognition to read the information to you.

The site would be a great Ice Breaker on a subject to kick start investigation.  You could also use it with your ESL students for extended learning within your curriculum.  You can even look up your home town and see how your town is recognized via Internet Search.

We are using Qwiki for initial searches on our Overcoming Adversity Presentations to research our awesome people and various disabilities. 

My cities Qwiki presentation made a huge point about our Shopping Mall.  Although there is still plenty of work left in updating Qwikis, there is an option to improve each presentation by suggesting photos, suggesting YouTube Videos, and making suggestions on the voice pronunciations and speed.  Qwiki is going to improve as users continue to suggest improvements to current presentations/searches. 

Here is a Qwiki Search Presentation I found on the WWW.!/World_Wide_Web


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