Thursday, February 10, 2011

Braineos - Free & Easy Flashcard and Quiz Creator

Braineos is a free site that allows you to create flash cards AND quizzes from those flash cards to help you study for important subject matter.  We are currently using Braineos in my class with our Historical Figures Presentations.  Students must create a Presentation about a Historical Figure from their Social Studies Book (I give them a list to choose from).  The presentation includes biographical information, a Fakebook Wall Page (, and a quiz to check the class for understanding (after the presentation).

I am allowing my students to use Braineos since it is very simple to use, easy to set up, and you can create games and even quizzes from your flashcards.  Students can log in with their google accounts, facebook accounts, and more or will have to sign up with an email address.  You could even create an account and share the username and password with your students and use Braineos that way.

Here is an example of a Braineos Quiz I created about Computer Hardware & Software Vocabulary!

I would love to hear of your suggestions for using Braineos.  If you have any other sites to share that will allow students to easily create quizzes, please share those sites as well.


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