Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conceptu Math - Fraction Tools: Standards Aligned Interactives & Manipulatives to Help Understand Fractions

Conceptua Math Fraction Tools are great Interactives for helping your students understand Fractions.  The site has tools to help understand fractions on a number line, add & subtract fractions, identifying fractions, estimating, equivalents, finding common denominators & more.  Not only do they have interactive tools for visualizing each concept, they also have a video for how to use each tool, common core aligned standards for the tool, lesson plans and classroom activities (with a premium membership).

We use this site in Pride Class (Homeroom) as we practice our mathematics skills for our upcomming statewide standardized test.

The site and fraction tools are free to use, but you do have to sign up for a free account to use the tools.  You can sign up for a premium account if you would like detailed lesson plans as well as student individual logins.  

I would recommend this site as a tool to use with your students as a whole class instructive tool and not as a site you have them work on individually.  Again, you would have to pay for those features and I am trying to stress on this blog tools that will not cost you any money.  Go check out Conceptua Math and their Fraction Tools and see how you can use them in your classroom curriculum.


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