Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yebol - A visual, organized, cluster filled search engine, in a good way!

Yebol is an alternative search engine that organizes your search results into small clusters in an attempt to find the information you are looking for.  Yebol will display your search results in small clusters of video of your search query, photos of your search query, the top websites that contain your search query, tweets about your subject, related searches,  and much more.
An Example of results from a basic Yebol Search

Here is an example of a search I did just for the name of former Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini.  I didn't ask for anything specific, but you can see how my results are clustered by Images, Search Results, News, & Videos.  You have the Top Sites on the top left of the page, Related Searches just below that, and the tweets are below the Related Searches (not in the picture).

The search results also make it very clear where the information is coming from by listing the name of the website in bold print next to the Search Results under the Search Results Heading.

Yebol clearly lables the websites' name next to your results!
I am not exactly ready to use Yebol as my go to alternative to other search engines I use in class, however, the site does a good job of organizing your search results in an attempt to narrow your search results.  I would recommend Yebol to be used in your classroom for students who are overwhelmed with the information they get from a Google Search.  Yebol is also a great search engine for your visual learners since it does a nice job of dividing up your search results visually.  Finally, I have found Yebol to do a great job as a Multimedia search engine since it will clearly define images and videos within your search results.

Check out the Yebol Search Engine in your classroom and be sure to share any impressions!


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