About Me

     My name is David Dean.  I am a 6th Grade Computer & Technology Integration Instructor in Greenwood Indiana and the Head Boys Track Coach.  I am married with two girls, a kindergartner and a preschooler.    My class is a required semester course for all 6th Graders.  My class totals out around 150 kids per semester and 300 students a year.

      Just like technology, my actual class title has changed quite a bit over the years from "Computer Class" to "Applied Skills."  My curriculum has been developed around the Indiana Middle School Information Technology Standards, as well as, ISTE's NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) Standards.

     I teach some advanced skills in the Microsoft Office suite, but I am very passionate about implementing Web 2.0 resources and tools into my daily curriculum as well.  My collegue and friend Mrs. Vest (8th Grade Computer & Technology Integration Instructor) share our Web 2.0 resources with our School Corporation through a weekly "Tech Integration" email.  I also write a section for the Indiana Middle Level Education Assosciation Quarterly Newsletter titled "Tech Corner with Mr. Dean" where I share Web 2.0 resources and implementation ideas with Middle Level Educators across the State of Indiana.

     I feel very strongly about using Music in the classroom to help learn new ideas, increase engagement, express creativity,  AND as a tool for students to show understanding.  I have created a month long cummulative project in my classroom called the "Rap It Up Project."  Students create fictional hip hop groups with 2 or 3 other classmates and plan a complete concert tour while showing me their understanding of all the skills and standards they have learned throughout my semester course.

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