Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fodey - Newspaper Clipping Generator

A Ficticious Newspaper Article
Fodey offers a neat little webtool called the Newspaper Clipping Generator.  Students can create their own Newspaper Story that appears to be cut out, folded, then scanned.  We are currently using the Newspaper Clip Generator as part of our Iditarod Cross Curricular Project.  Students have to research a 2011 Iditarod News Story, then type a one paragraph summary of the article in the Newspaper Clip Generator.  The students then print them out and bind them in the Iditarod Book they each create.

An Example of our Iditarod New Summaries
This is a neat little tool that allows students to create their own realistic or fictitious newspaper clippings.  The site does allow you to create cigarette packets so you may want to make sure that students stick with the Newspaper Clipping Generator.  I have attached 2 images of clippings I have made.  The first one is about my blog and is totally fictitious.  The image to the right is an example of the Iditarod News Summaries we did in class. 

Check out the site here:


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