Thursday, March 3, 2011

GCF LearnFree - Great Interactive Internet Safety Resources, Lessons & More!

Internet Safety is one of my biggest passions within my classroom.  I spend more time with my students discussing different aspects of staying safe on the Internet than I probably have to.  However, I always feel like there is never TOO MUCH information when it comes to Internet Safety.

In my quest to find more engaging and interactive Internet Safety Resources, I stumbled across these interactive Internet Safety Resources via GCF LearnFree (GCF stands for Goodwill Community Foundation).  The site offers tons of free resources for your classroom, including lesson plans and interactives in Math & Reading.  They also have some very nice inter-activities for Internet Safety. 

Some of the Internet Safety Topics include:
  • Internet Safety Terms
  • Social Networking Terms
  • Choosing Antivirus Software
  • 6 tips for Identifying Phishing Scams (one of my favorites, see below)
  • Responding to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying
  • And Much More! (There are 13 different Internet Safety related Interactive Activities)
One of my favorite interactives is the "Six Tips for Identifying Phishing Scams."  You get to look at an example of a Phishing Scam email with very clear bullet points for what to exactly look for in a Phishing Scam.  See the picture to the left. 

You can also check out their other resources on their home site at


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