Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BAM! Body & Mind Ad Decoder - A Fun Game/Activity to help decode the true meaning of advertisements!

BAM!  Body and Mind Ad Decoder is a fun activity that allows students to flip through fictitious boy and girl magazines and analyze different health and body advertisements.   It is a part of the BAM! Body and Mind Site that is operated by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.  This activity does a good job of showing the true purpose behind advertisements, to persuade the target audience and hopefully make money.  

This would be a great activity to allow your students to participate in while talking about writing persuasively, analyze advertisements in media, or even as an extension to a body and health awareness unit. This activity covers ads for Energy Drinks, Smoking, Body Weight, Nutrition and much more.  I just love this activity and this site.

This interactive activity is very slick and very well laid out.  You can also check out the full BAM! Body and Mind site for more awesome activities and resources for your classroom Health curriculum.  This is one of my students favorite sites when we talk about Healthy Minds & Bodies.  The full BAM!   The site is very kid friendly, easy to read, and written in a familiar language kids can relate to.  The full website can be found at:



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