Monday, January 24, 2011

SumDog Contests and Competitions now available for FREE accounts!

SumDog is a site that allows students to practice their numeracy skills in competitions versus other classmates or against students around the world.   Back in December, I recieved an email from Sumdog notifying me that all Competitions and Games are now available for FREE ACCOUNTS.

I setup a class on Sumdog and had a 2 week competition amongst my students.  You can even edit the "Leaderboard" to show only the top 10 student scores or your whole class.  What I thought was pretty cool was you could even have competitions against students outside of your classroom.  Some of the games even let you compete against other students within the game.

My classroom competition was only supposed to be completed OUTSIDE of my computer class.  Students were on Sumdog in Study Hall, at the public library, and at home.  At the end of the 2 weeks, I had a dozen students who had spent upwards of 14 plus hours outside of the classroom practicing their numeracy skills. 

I awarded the top 10 students with an icy cold Mountain Dew at the end of the competition.  A small price to pay to see my students practicing their math skill just 2 months outside of our big Statewide Standardized Test.


Lewis Holland said...

I like to go on sumdog

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