Monday, January 31, 2011

Career Exploration Resources

When it becomes time to discuss careers in your classroom, there are many resources that can help students begin their exploration of different careers.  Below are a few I use in my classroom!

Drive of Your Life is an awesome interactive website that enables students to create a car, trick it out, then drive and explore different careers based on a students interests.  The site was created by The Indiana Youth Institute and is used by counselors in my school when they talk about careers in our Technology Classes.  My students have done this for several years now but I always find them going back and messing with different interests and exploring different careers on THEIR OWN TIME even after we are finished in class.

Although Drive of Your Life was originally created for Indiana Students, children from all over the country can use it.  It will easily allow you to change your State and City information when logging in.  Also, students only need to create a user name and password if they want to save their results and come back later.  They also DO NOT need an email address to sign up!

When students want to look at EVEN MORE information about their career, I start them at the sites below:

BLS Career Information Home Page  - A great site created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Students start by answering a basic question about what they like or like to do, then the page gives them career choices based on what they like.  Very simple, with information that is very easy to read!

Bills itself as a"An Online Career Exploration Adventure" and offers quite a bit of information about different careers.  You will not find every job, but many are represented on CareerShip.  Students can click on "Match My Career Interests" and choose an Interest Area for a list of job that matches their interests.  Easy & quick with a nice amount of information!


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