Saturday, January 22, 2011

GlogsterEDU in the Classroom! "Whatchu Glogging About? "

GlogsterEDU is a site that allows students/teachers to create interactive multimedia collages & posters to share with their school community or to simply show understanding.

If you are reading this blog, then I know you have already heard about Glogster. Hopefully if you haven't used Glogster in your daily curriculum, you are planning to in the near future.

Here are some ideas of how you could use Glogster in the classroom:  Examples of 5 Glogs my students made are in the picture!!

  • Biography of Famous People (We do a Biography of people who have overcome adversity to achieve great things. Here is an example of mine about Curtis Mayfield.
  • Create a magazine cover of activities that have occur ed at your school for the week. These can be posted on your school website and shared with the community.
  • Internet Safety & Awareness Posters (Another project we do in class. Students choose an Internet Safety topic and create a poster/collage with videos, links, pictures, and facts/information. Here is an example of one I created about Cyberbullying.
  • Jigsaw Information: Have students break down a chapter in their Science Book. Each group creates a glogster with information about a section from their text. Include Videos, links for more information, personal videos and more. Have each group present these glogs to the classroom. A great way to break down large/difficult subject matter and spread out the hard work.
  • Newspapers: Students can create glogs similar to newspapers summarizing big events (Iditarod, Olympics, Elections, etc) and update them daily/weekly.
  • Photo collection of subject matter or of classroom & school events.
  • Video wall of video collections to extend your classroom discussions and/or curriculum.
  • With the Premium Version, students can upload files to share.  You could then use GlogsterEDU as a "Digital Portfolio" to post and share work or projects (Presentations, Graphs, Spreadsheets, etc)!
What are you doing to implement GlogsterEDU in your daily curriculum? 


    Rebecca Pilver said...

    I saw on Classroom 2.0 that you start with All About Me Glogsters. Do you have any examples of those or could you share the assignment guideline? I teach 4th grade.

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