Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Who's a Cyberbully?" by Mr. Dean & Little L

This is a Glog that I created as an example for my classroom during an Internet Safety Glogs Project we were doing in class.  I really really wanted a music connection, or some type of song about my subject Cyberbullying.  I scoured the Internet, and found a 40 second rap song that was part of a contest.  I included the short animated video of that song in my glog, but still wanted more.  I decided to write my own Cyberbullying Rap Song that would explain the subject, give tips to prevent it, and tell what should happen if you are cyberbullied.  I had Nebula produce the beat, my 6 year old daughter record the chorus, and the rest was history.

Now you can check out my Cyberbullying Glog with my original song "Who's a Cyberbully?"  Enjoy and please dont be too harsh!

Here is a link or you can view it below:



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