Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soundcloud - Easy Podcast and Original Music Sharing!

     Soundcloud is a site that lets you share your copyright free music or podcasts easily on your blog or website.  In my Rap It Up Project, I always wanted to have a neat way to share my students' original Rap Songs.  This is the answer.
       A Free account allows you the ability to upload 2 total hours of your own music files.  You can then create sets out of these files such as "Podcasts" or "Historical Interviews" and share only these specific files on your blog or website (worked great on my Moodle Site).  You can even see an example of one of my SoundClouds uploaded on this blog!

Here is an example of the SoundCloud Player on my Moodle Site.
You can even allow for commenting on the files (which I turned OFF).  The player shows how many times each file has been played so you can track popularity.

Soundcloud would be a great site to share any podcasts, interviews, original songs, etc with your community.  I was able to upload 52 songs on my Free Account to share my classroom's rap songs.  I now want to create another account (hint, hint) so I can upload and share our podcasts.


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