Friday, October 28, 2011

Technology Integration - How we can serve as "teacher leaders" in our professional setting?

Any teacher who is effectively trying to integrate technology in their classroom knows how importance technology can be in the learning process of 21st Century Learners.  But what about some of our colleagues who have no interest in technology integration?  How can we serve as teacher leaders in technology integration in our schools?  There are two areas that I fell are paramount to serving as teacher leaders in integration.  These areas are sharing and leading by examples.  Nobody wants to be forced to do something they dont feel comfortable doing.  Technology integration can work as the same ways.  We need to invite our colleagues to join us or browse our Personal Learning Networks or PLNs.  We can show them what is working in our classroom through social bookmarking sites we invite them to join, through out blogs we ask them to browse, in our examples and lesson plans we share on our school websites.  When I find a resource that would be a great tool to integrate in the classroom, I try to email it to teaches I find would benefit from the resource. 

I also attempt to reach out and share the awesome projects we complete in class.  It is always nice to show off the finished projects your students are completing, but also the steps, strategies, and resources used to get there.  Allowing your students to share their impressions on a classroom forum is a great tool to show colleagues the level of engagement your students are experiencing in an effectively integrated lesson plan. 

I will never force technology integration on my fellow teachers, but I will always be open to share ideas and strategies with any teachers that want to use me as a resource.  This is the most productive first step I feel I can take to standing as a teacher leader in technology integration. 


Shopnerkotha said...

I am here to read your post. really enjoy. Different view.

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