Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hector's World - Interactive Internet Safety Videos & Activities for Elementary Aged Students

Hector's World is a site out of New Zealand with 7 animated video episodes to teach students (Target Ages 2-9 Years Old) about Internet Safety.  It is obviously never too young to discuss basic concepts of Internet Safety and Digital Etiquette so Hector's World is a fantastic resource for Elementary Aged Students.  

Hector's World has 7 animated episodes students can watch, as well as, worksheets/guides students can fill in or read along the way.  The episodes star Hector, a talking dolphin, and his undersea friends as they share basic concepts and strategies for staying safe online.  These episodes are short but full of information and a great discussion starter or extension to your Internet Safety Discussions.   These animated episodes cover topics such as Protecting Personal Information, Cyberbullying, and Computer Security.

One of the areas I really like on Hector's World is the MP3 Download Section where you can download music and Lyrics to several Internet Safety Based songs and have students perform them in class or record them using a free resource such as Audacity. 

You can even download instrumentals and song lyrics.
The website has lesson plans for each animated episode broken down into different age groups so the information is age appropriate. 

The site can be difficult to navigate since you have to use bubble shaped arrows to move forward and backward within the site instead of browser window controls.  If you press back on your browser, it will start you all over at the beginning of the site.  So there is a learning curve to navigating the website, however, there is a website "tour" you can follow that shows you all of the features.  These tours are broken up for students, parents and teachers as seen in the image. 

Lesson Plans Are Broken Down by Grade Level!
Hector's World does have a site map to help you navigate between the different parts of the site.  This is helpful for both students and teachers, looking for a specific lesson or activity. 

Check out what all you can do with your students at Hector's World at:



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