Friday, October 21, 2011

Internet Technologies & Concerns

As we strive to incorporate as many Internet Technologies and Resources into our daily curriculum to reach 21st Century learners, there are some concerns that can arise.

  • Are we choosing the best resources that help our students have authentic and effective learning experiences or are we simply trying to incorporate the latest technology trends just to say we did or because others are doing it to?  
  •  Are we relying too much on technology in our daily curriculum so when technology lets us down, we do not give ourselves an opportunity for a back up plan or on the fly replacement activity that is just as effective?  
We can alleviate these concerns by continuing to network with other instructors via blogs and other social networking sites to see what is working in their classrooms.  We can discuss if the latest and greatest resources are truly assisting in effective lesson planning or providing a distraction from the learning process for our students.   Sometimes I know that I get excited when some of my colleagues or online friends get excited about a new resource.  I feel like I just have to find a way to integrate that technology or resource into my curriculum.

As long as we all stay connected, share our experiences, and truly try to integrate technology to provide a better learning experience for our students, then when we fail, that doesn't mean we didn't necessarily succeed in some ways.  It is the experience and the journey to get there that will mostly make us all better teachers and provide teaching & learning experiences that stick with our students.


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