Tuesday, May 3, 2011

STOP Cyberbullying - An easy to read, easy to navigate resource for Cyberbullying information.

STOP Cyberbullying is the "free cyberbullying toolkit" created by Wired Safety.  I have taken Cyberbullying very seriously the past few years with my students studying not just what it is and why it happens, but also, how to stop it and prevent it. My students have to create Internet Safety Posters pertaining to Cyberbullying, as well as, create Anti-Cyberbullying Comic Books. 

STOP Cyberbullying is a site that I share with my students who need to know the basics of Cyberbullying.  The site does a nice job of explaining what cyberbullying is, how it is done, why people cyberbully, prevention tips, how to take action, and laws pertaining to cyberbullying.

I am not going to say that Wired Safety's STOP Cyberbullying page is the greatest resource for cyberbullying information you can find.  However, it is a very easy to navigate resource with easy to read information for your students.  I recommend this site to my students researching cyberbullying, in addition to, several other sites I will share on this blog at a later date.

Check out Wired Safety's STOP Cyberbullying Toolkit and see if it can fit into your classroom Cyberbullying discussions. 



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