Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mapeas- Interactive Current Events Browsing

Mapeas is an interactive way to browse Current Events around the world.  Different types of markings are placed on a world map.  The smaller the marker, the older the news.  The numbers on each marker tell how many stories will open/expand under that particular marker.  If you see a Sports Marker with a number 6 on it on Indianapolis, then 6 sports stories will open up/expand when you click that marker. 

The news is updated from the Assosciated Press, ABC, Fox, NBC & More.  Each news event is normally a video report from a local news station.  This helps make Mapeas a fantastic resource for your visual learners and/or learners with special needs.

There are different types of markers for different topics of news (Business, Entertainment, Science, Sports,etc).  Mapeas would be a great resource to help your students quickly find Current Events stories or direct them to finding news stories in a specific country or region. 

Check out Mapeas Today!


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