Saturday, December 1, 2012

Internet Safety & Awareness Brochure Creation WebQuest

With our students spending more time online, learning to be positive digital citizens and staying safe online is becoming more and more important.  Unfortunately, many children do not seek the information needed to educate and empower themselves to stay safe while surfing the web or social networking. 

I created a WebQuest for my students to learn about 3 specific topics pertaining to Internet Safety.  These topics are Cyberbullying, Online Identity Theft and Sexting.  The WebQuest asks students to research information about each topic, including tips to prevent them from happening and what to do if they DO occur.

This WebQuest is very similar to the Internet Safety Comic Book WebQuest I previously posted.  However, this WebQuest has students create an informational Brochure they can share with their classmates and/or community.  The WebQuest is aligned to the NETs for Students Technology Standards, includes completed student examples, and even includes valid safe website links students can use to research for their Brochures.  You can click on the link below to visit the WebQuest.

Internet Safety & Awareness Brochure Creation WebQuest:


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