Saturday, November 3, 2012

Internet Safety & Awareness Comic Book Creation in ToonDoo WebQuest

One of the more popular posts I have created on my blog was using the online resource ToonDoo to create Internet Safety & Awareness Comic Books.  I have decided to adapt this lesson plan to a WebQuest format for all of you to share with your students and fellow teachers.  I used the site Zunal which allows you to create WebQuests easily and for FREE (although you only get to create one webquest with a FREE account).  I have posted the link to the WebQuest below. 

During the WebQuest, your students will look up information about Cyberbullying, Online Identity Theft and Sexting.  I have added 5 online resources for each topic to guide your students' research.  I hand picked these topics myself so they were safe for my 6th Grade Students.  You may want to review them if you have students who are younger, but I think they should be fine.  I have also added one video for each topic to help visual learners gain a better understanding of each Internet Safety Topic. 

Students will research each topic, create a rough draft storyboard, and finally create the final comic book.  This is a very engaging and exciting way to practice the writing process by allowing students to peer evaluate each StoryBoard and make revisions before creating the final comic.

I have also included an example of Comic Books for each Internet Safety Comic that were created by my own students. 

I would love to hear impressions, see examples, or even suggestions to how I could make this WebQuest even better. I am open to anything you would like to share and would love to hear from you!

Here is a link to the WebQuest: 

Here is a quick look at the examples for each topic:

Online Identity Theft:




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