Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Who's a Cyberbully" Anti-Cyberbullying & Cyberbully Prevention Rap Song

"Who's A Cyberbully" is an original rap song written I wrote and recorded for my school. The video for this song was filmed and created by GMS Students Alex Rawlins and Nick Sloan as a project for Mrs. Vest's 8th Grade Applied Skills Class. The humor of 8th Grade students shows in the video, but the message is very serious. The song details & describes the frustrations and pain caused by cyberbullying (bullying using the internet, cell phones, video games, or other electronic devices), how to prevent it from happening, and what to do if it happens to you. I wrote and recorded this song (my 7 year old daughter sang the chorus) in honor and memory of Phoebe Prince and Megan Meier. Both girls took their own lives after being constantly cyberbullied and bullied by classmates. Please, if you are a vicitim of bullying and/or cyberbullying or know someone who is, contact a trusted adult or teacher. Nobody deserves to be a victim of bullying and/or cyberbullying. Copyright 2011. The music/beat was produced by Nebula.

This song can be used as a tool in classrooms to introduce the topic of cyberbullying, prevention, and what to do if it happens to you! If you would like to contact the creator of this song, please email Mr. Dean at mrddean@gmail.com.


Nancy Johnston said...

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