Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CommonSense Media offering Free Cyberbullying toolkit for educators!

CommonSense Media is offering a free cyberbullying toolkit for all educators.  If you aren't a member of CommonSense Media, what are you waiting for?  The site is free and offers a plethora of Internet Safety Resources, Strategies, and information for elementary, middle, and high school age students.

The Cyberbullying Toolkit offers information broken up into different ages.  It even includes all the information for an Internet Safety Outreach Program for your local community. 

The website also sends members email updates of new resources and information available on their site. 

CommonSense Media is a great site that should be in the Internet Safety Toolbox of all educators.  

You can check out the CommonSense Media Cyberbullying Toolkit by clicking here. 

Or, you can simply check out the CommonSense Media Site at


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