Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let Them Sing It For You - You type it, it sings it!

Let Them Sing It For You is a very simple site that takes whatever text you type, and sings it using samples from popular songs.  Of course some names or words are not in the database, but the site will allow you to submit suggestions for a word, a song you can find the word in, and the artist that sings it.  That way, the database can be updated to include more and more words in the future.

Simply type your text in the box, click on the play button, and listen to the site sing your text back to you.

Some fun classroom connections would be to use Let Them Sing It For You to "play" your daily lesson plan to your kids.  See who can repeat what you are going to do for the day after the "song" is finished playing.  It could also be used in various listening skills activities to have students actually focus on the substance of each sentence, and not on how it is being said. 

Check it out!



Erik said...

it's gone, where did it fo

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