Friday, February 4, 2011

Audacity Setup, Recording, & Editing Tips!

Audacity is a free audio recording and editing software.  The fact that it is FREE makes Audacity one of the number one choices for recording and editing Podcasts and other audio recordings in your classroom.

Many different teachers will quickly recommend Audacity, however, setting it up for recording and editing what you have already recorded can sometimes be confusing.  I am sharing a PDF File I put together to help out with setting up Audacity for creating audio recordings in your classroom and tips for editing your recordings.  This will help you set up Audacity for Podcasts and Classroom Recordings, remove background noise, remove pops, save as an MP3 and more!

You can get the Audacity Setup, Recording, & Editing Tips PDF RIGHT HERE!

Please email me any suggestions or tips you may when using Audacity!


ethan said...

Nice tips. Thank you so much for the mention. Actually, Sound editing is an intricate process that requires great skills and state of the art technology. Gone are the days when professional audio editing like audioshapers
was done using magnetic tapes and analogue microphones. Nowadays, voice editing is done digitally using specialized equipment and software.

Barum said...

Now you can get the helping tool in your professional work. If you want to edit your software with the simplest task, then take the idea from Audacity and which is free audio recording service. From this site you can get the online paraphrase generator for a good professional work.

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